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Students of SMPIA Won Prizes in Japan Robofest 2019

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Uploaded at Monday, 23/Sep/2019

Four students of SMP Islam Al Azhar 13 Surabaya took part in a robotic competition called Japan Robofest 2019 which was held on August 24-25, 2019 by Okayama University. Those students were Raka Robredo, Samudera Timur, Nashwa Farenza, dan Fachri Athaurrahman. They had the chance to take part in this competition because they had taken part in Robofest Indonesia which was held on April 30 – May 2, 2019 in Surabaya.

There were total of 49 participants taking part in Japan Robofest 2019, both from Indonesia and Japan. The festival was held by the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Osaka, Japan in cooperation with AWG Robotic Courses and was supported by Okayama University, the Okayama and Kansai Chapter of Overseas Indonesian Students’ Association Alliance, Japan.

The delegates of SMPIA 13 took part in three competition categories namely transporter, gathering, and line maze. For each category, the delegates of SMPIA 13 won a prize. Raka Robredo placed 1st in the category of Transporter and 2nd in the category of Line Maze for Primary level. From the secondary level, Samudera Timur place 2nd in the category of Transporter and 3rd in the category of Transporter Superteam Challenge. The other team, from secondary, placed 2nd in the category of Transporter Superteam Challenge.

The school and Surabaya Department of Education appreciated those delegates for their achievements in international robotic competition. (rdn/nh/as)