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Eid Adha, Students Have a Hands-on Learning of Slaughtering Animal Sacrifice

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Uploaded at Thursday, 05/Sep/2019

Celebrating Eid al-Adha 1440 H, Laguna Campus of Al-Azhar held sacrificial animal slaughter. The slaughtering was on Monday (12/8) which coincided with the days of Tashreeq. It involved not only teachers and staff but also students of SMPIA 13. For this occasion, students who were represented by OSIS and MPK members.


This activity was aimed not only to celebrate Eid al-Adha but also as hands-on learning for students of SMPIA 13. Students had the opportunity to take part in various activities of the slaughtering day, ranging from the slaughtering process to the distribution of sacrificial meat. Through this activity, students were expected to be able to apply the knowledge gained during the learning process in the class.


"The purpose of involving students in this slaughtering is in order the students know and practice the procedures of slaughtering sacrificial animals according to Islamic law. Not only that, we also invite them to learn to share with fellow Muslims who are in need by distributing the meat to the surrounding communities," explained Sugiyanto, the Islamic studies teacher of SMPIA 13.


Some students had the hands-on experience of slaughtering the sacrificial animal. One of them was Muhammad Zaidan Zainurrahman Ghazali, a grade nine student.  Zaidan said that, at first, he was nervous and doubt when he was asked to slaughter a goat. However, with the teacher’s guidance, Zaidan finally succeeded in slaughtering a goat.


Novandra, the chief of OSIS, also had a similar experience. He slaughtered three goats. "At first, I was hesitant. But, after successfully slaughtering a goat, I began accustomed to it on the second and third slaughtering. The main key in slaughtering is hand strength and faith. We must also never forget to utter a prayer when we are about to slaughter," Novandra explained.